Saturday, 2 February 2013

Time flies by.

Half a year of school is already gone, it's hard to believe there really isn't much left of high school. New things are about to happen and I can't wait but why so soon? Holy life already is going by pretty dang fast.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Final Thoughts of This Course

The past few months have been pretty good in this course. I have learnt a ton of new this to take with me after this semester is done. I really liked how in this class there was communication between all of the students, usually it's just people sticking to their group of friends and only really talking to their friends. But in this class you got to be more adventurous and make connections with other kids your age. We are so focused on technology in this day and age, so having the opportunity to use the technology in a positive way was rather refreshing. Everyone got along, there was no cyber bullying at all it was great to see!

We have done so many different kind of assignments in this class, so when it come to picking between which assignment was my favourite will be a hard thing to do. I enjoyed almost every assignment we were given, each was challenging in their own way! But when it comes to the end of the this class I think the Buried Life/Bucket List project was the best. I got to see what was important to me in life, and I got to find out what my interests in the world are! The animoto video is what I picked to make in the end, I have showed to my family and friends I am proud of the video I created for this project. It was a lot of work to edit my photos, but in the end it was well worth the work.

I don't really think there was any assignment that I didn't enjoy, we have been pretty lucky with having a teacher who knows what her students like and what they are interested in. There was never a really dull assignment that we were given.

Every Friday we got to read for the class, I love to read so it was great to be able to just sit down and have solid reading time. I got through about 4 different books I think. Some I would even have to take home just because I couldn't help but read more.

When it comes to reading I don't like having to reflect on what I just read two days before. When I read I just like to be able to be immersed in the book and enjoy the journey it takes me on. So doing the reading reflections wasn't a thing on my blog enjoyed doing. I found it took away from what I was thinking about the book.

The Writers readers note was something I did enjoy to do. It was fun to have the old pen and paper type of project to do throughout the semester. I could tell others would for sure lose interest in this, all they care about it technology lately. So I guess it has to go by what the class wants, maybe one class is more for it than another class.

Blogging in this class is pretty much what its all about.I enjoyed the idea of blogging more than I actually liked doing it. At the beginning of the semester I think I was all for it, but slowly just lost the drive to write 24/7. I think after I finished this class I will keep writing post just so its not just sitting here empty of new things.

At first I was completely against twitter, I tried my hardest to not ever actually get it. But I had to break down and get or else I would have lost so much marks and there would have been no point in coming to this class anymore.

Thank you Ms. McLauchlan for being such a great teacher this semester and thank you for coming with such great assignments!! In all this class was great!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Now what?

Now that I have begun creating a bucket list, I feel I need to actually start crossing those things off the list. I think after I am done graduating high school I'll take a year maybe two off of school and just experience life. I have been very luck so far with the opportunities that have been given to me. Just last year I got to travel to Italy, I got to see and experience things I never knew I actually would! It was amazing, just thing feeling of being in a place like that... Words can't really describe how I felt and what I was think most of that trip. It's for sure something I will hold close for the rest of my life!
As for the for the other rather simple things like getting a tattoo or planting a tree I think in the very near future I will be making sure it happens!! I want to accomplish something in my life time, I just hope those are just some of the many things I get to do.

Author's note

While deciding what I would wanted on a bucket list, I found most of things were to do with travelling!  I actually decided to create two bucket list on my blog, one for travelling and one for pretty much everyday type of simple things. The reason travelling is important to is that it lets me experience new things and new place. It lets me see the world in a different sort of way than I normally do. The format of my project is in a video, I found taking pictures and putting them with music would be the best way to show them. Things that I have learnt about my self are that I really want to get away from everyday North American life I want to experience more of the rest of the world.

My Bucket List

Hope's Bucket List

Here's a video with a few visuals about something I have on my bucket list. And a few of the ones I have accomplished already!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Trains, planes, and automobiles!

For Christmas break this year I got the opportunity to go to California to see my Dad!! It seems like the prices for planes just keep going up and up now, so we decided that a train is the way to go! What's really great about this trip is that I am not all alone for the 58 hours we have to travel which is great! As it turns out my boyfriend is coming along for the trip with me! We have brought everything possible to keep us entertained during the really longs hours of traveling. Like movies, books, iPods and our phone to play games on. So far we have traveled 30 hours and we have about half the trip to California done! We went through North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington state and now Portland Oregon. As I am writing this we are sitting, waiting in the train station here in Portland we have about four hours on a stopover here so we went walking around to get a bit of a look of the city. I find this area we are in is rather empty outside, this must be the old part of town. We went walking around and I found most of the population on the streets were homeless people. The architecture of this station is really really cool, just like the one back home in Winnipeg. During my trip I will try and keep my blog updated with how my trip is going. So look forward to more posts coming soon!!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New Bucket List

So I have decided that I am going to make a second bucket list. The reason I am making a second one is because my first one was more of a travel type kind of bucket list. This new one I am about to write out will be a more simple one, things that I believe will be easier for me at the moment to cross off the list!



  1. Ride a train
  2. Learn to snowboard
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Go Skydiving 
  5. Ride a hot air balloon
  6. See Les Mis on stage
  7. Have at least one kid 
  8. Drive a Camero 
  9. Be in a protest for something I believe in                                            
  10. Go mountain biking                                                                   
  11. Go horse back riding along the beach                       
  12. Make stained glass windows
  13. Buy jewelry from Tiffany & Co 
  14. Own a farmhouse/house in the country
  15. Have a library that fills a whole room                                           
  16. Build a Habitat for Humanity house                                                    
  17. Eat Macaroons
  18. Write a cookbook                                                             
  19. Eat Gumbo
  20. Eat fried green tomatoes
  21. Shoot my own thanksgiving turkey
  22. Get backstage at a concert
  23. Plant a tree and name it after me
  24. Learn how to meditate
  25. Kiss passionately in the rain
  26. Have a specialist read my aura and my Tarot cards
  27. Jump in a pool fully clothed
  28. Drive a big green tractor
  29. Learn how to knit
  30. Crash a party
  31. Win a raffle or lottery over $1000
  32. Leave my hand prints in wet cement
  33. Stay up all night to watch the sunrise
  34. Buy a Polaroid camera
  35. Cliff jump
  36. Graduate high school
  37. Stand in two places at once
  38. Make my own version of Crayon Art
  39. Send a message in a bottle
  40. Camp out in the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere
  41. Go to a paint rave
  42. Attach a lock to a love bridge
  43. Rock bold lipstick
  44. Bake everything in a cookbook
  45. Pay for a strangers meal at a restaurant
  46. Take a road trip to some random place last minute
  47. Go skinny dipping
  48. VOTE!
  49. play hide and go seek at West Edmonton Mall
  50. Change my name
  51. Serve in a soup kitchen
  52. Marry the man of my dreams